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Kid Governor®
Kid Governor® is an award winning civics education program for 5th graders created by the Connecticut Public Affairs Network. Students who participate in the program have the opportunity to create a campaign platform around a community issue they want to see changed, run for office, and vote in an election for their state’s Kid Governor! Kid Governors hold their office for a one year term, giving them time to make a significant impact in their states and communities around the issue they've selected. 

Megan Kasperowski's Inauguration as Connecticut's Kid Governor® LIVE from Connecticut's Old State House!
Friday, January 19, 2018 at 


Congratulations to Dom Peters from Willamette Valley Christian School in Brooks, OR who was inaugurated as the first Oregon's Kid Governor on Monday, January 8, 2018 at the State Capitol in Salem! 

Learn more about Dom HERE and at OR.KidGovernor.org.  


Thousands of 5th graders in Connecticut and Oregon participated in the 2017 Kid Governor® program!  The ballots have been counted and the winners are:

In Connecticut
Click HERE to learn more about 2018 Connecticut's Kid Governor®-Elect Megan Kasperowski!

In Oregon
Click HERE to learn more about 
2018 Oregon's Kid Governor
-Elect Dom Peters

Students in Connecticut and Oregon state learned about civics and civic engagement and researched community issues they want to see changed. Those interested in running for Kid Governor (one per school) turned their platforms into campaign videos and submitted them to their state's Kid Governor program. Fifth graders 
in both states watched the videos of their state's final candidates, reviewed their platforms, and voted for who they thought should be their next Kid Governor. 
The winning student in each state will serve as
 Kid Governor for a one-year term, giving them time to make a significant impact in their state around the issue they've selected. 

Visit CT.KidGovernor.org and OR.KidGovernor.org to watch the campaign videos of the 2017 Final Candidates!